How I Make Money From Home

Maia / 2021-03-02

What does it take to make a decent income from home without answering to a boss?


That’s it. Use the skills you have or learn new skills to solve problems for others, get paid, and repeat.

I was able to leave my office job years ago and become a full-time, work-at-home mom because I took a chance on myself and invested in quality education to learn new skills.

Make Money at Home as a Virtual Assistant (VA)

I provide virtual assistant services to a seven-figure blogger. I started out answering emails and welcomed more tasks. As my task list grew, so did my income.

My monthly income for this role started around $300+, $500+, and now $2,000+.

Currently, I help answer emails, oversee a student support team, and work on special projects. I also help proofread posts and emails using my own skills and favorite tool.

Make Money at Home

Make Money at Home Proofreading

My next favorite way of making money at home is proofreading. I put on my favorite noise-canceling headphones, fire up my iPad, and get my proofreading on.

My earnings from proofreading definitely vary. Some months I’m swamped, and others I’m not. On average, I earn $500+ and my best months bring me an average of $900 a month.

We all know how many errors there are in written form such as books, web content, signs, and more that could have benefited from a proofreader. And if you’re wondering whether technology is making human proofreading extinct — it’s not! Nothing can replace quality proofreading by a quality proofreader — making this skill in high demand.

And running a proofreading business requires little, if any, overhead costs. You’ll have the initial start-up costs for marketing and minimal supplies, and from there, there’s not much more you have to pay on a regular basis.

I proofread on my iPad, Word, or Google Docs. I use a crazy-simple, but excellent, online accounting service to bill my clients and that’s it.

More Work-at-Home Opportunities


I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of scoping, the in-demand skill that’s been around for over 30 years! It’s in the family of proofreading transcripts but is the process before proofreading takes place.

Scoping is the process of editing transcripts for court reporters. During legal proceedings, court reporters write or “take down” these proceedings using steno writers. Afterwards, they import their steno notes into special software that translates the steno into English.

Graduates in this scoping field can earn as much as someone with a fancy new college degree without the exorbitant tuition costs of traditional colleges. Student loans, right?! I’m still paying off $30k in student debt.


Did you know that you can make up to $5,000 per month as a transcriptionist?! I kid you not. I’m only about legit ways to make money from home.

The amazing Janet Shaughnessy teaches two value-packed transcription courses: General Transcription: Theory & Practice™ and Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice™.


If you’re good with numbers, you can become a virtual bookkeeper.

Imagine the freedom to work with who you want and where you want. You’ll be in total control of how much money you earn. This is the flexibility you’ve been searching for.

Not everyone is great with numbers but numbers run the world, so bookkeepers are definitely in demand.

Your Turn

You can learn new skills and make good money all from the comfort of home. Be patient with yourself and go at it with a mindset for success.

So don’t waste any more time. It’s time to get started.

I can’t wait to hear your work-at-home success story!

If you’re already making money from home, let me know in the comments!

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